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The work of the Learning Love Institute is to help people reconnect with a basic trust in themselves and to learn the art of deep, committed, and sustained intimacy.

Often, in life, we lose our way and no longer live with passion, or deep connection. Most of us get distracted from appreciating ourselves and we lack a healthy modeling of intimacy.

We need to learn both. Most of us carry deep wounds inside that can contaminate and sabotage our efforts to create and sustain love and to feel content and at peace with ourselves.

When we learn to understand, accept and transform our wounds, and rediscover our essence – our natural aliveness, joy, lovingness and silence, we build the foundation for love. This is the focus of the Learning Love Institute.

Krishnananda & Amana Trobe
Founders Krishnananda & Amana Trobe

The work penetrates through the superficial and non-essential so that we can:

  • Accept ourselves deeply with all of our insecurities and fears.

  • Stop believing that we are deficient and defective and start appreciating who we are.

  • Have deep love and intimacy in our lives - both with ourselves and with others.

The work consists of experiential and intensive seminars and individual sessions that deal directly with the core obstacles to living life as fully as we can. These seminars are led throughout the world by the founders, Krishnananda and Amana or teachers who have been trained in this work by them.

The work is gentle and non-confronting, yet very effective. In a deeply loving and relaxed environment, we naturally heal.

Through guided exercises and meditations, the work helps break false negative identifications and opens us to our depth and passion.